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FTI..oh no, that is not the holiday company here is talked about! I was working in FTI, Flight Test Instrumentatio department for . Why doing this? Well, you can imagine, that every fixed wing aircraft or helicopter during the different development phases, is flown and tested to much higher limitations that must be such complex computerized fixed wing aircraft or helicopter ist equipped witSimply explained,to put measurement equipment and devices onto an test aircraft. That can be a prototype, preserial or serial  fixed wing or helicopter with the purpose to get data about  its physical parameters while in operation, like forces, vibrations, temperartures, torques, pressures  etc, and to get thousands of electrical signals, in combination from separate installed sensors or from serial “build in” systems too.

 yeah, right from the beginning of my career , beeing working in the flight test instrumentation for an european helicopter company, i was very happy to realize from my dreams  more than i have ever dreamed to be. Of course, more than my dreams comes true, not only work at the test aircraft, soon after fe years i had the opportunity at Ottobrunn Facilities to start working in design and developing special equipment for the purpose to be used in flight test measurement. At this line, i would like to thank grateful Michael von gersdorff to be my mentor and guide, and for his farview to spend so much confidence in my person at a time i just began to work....shurely as well experienced electronic technician but as complete newbie in aircraft flight test departement. Thanks for seeing in me that what i myself not natural believed.

after twenty years in flight test instrumentation, i like to share this a very small collection of equipment i developed. the inhouse developed familly of equipment ranges from prototypes to small series up to fourty pieces of flight test equipment which are periodically flying on test helicopters worldwide until today.

simply click on the pictures to get more...... have fun!                                          .


03/1997 Dat Recorder remote control with remaining time indicator
MBB-System  & Sony Datrec D10


late 1997 MBB-System 5000  - PT100 card - a instrumentation card for PT100 temperature sensors


2005 microdis - a versatile programmable cockpit flight test instrument

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