008_NGTC Frontplatte


since the MBB 5000 instrumentation system very successful was running for over 10 years, one type of the plug-in measurement card was needed to modernized.  That was my first project late 1997, as i have had no experience with computer aided pcb design. I have received the challenge by my mentor, to redesign a new model of the PT-100 card. All what i have had to realize this job was no experience and a very old SCSI DOS Computer with a very exotic PCB design program, called R2 Seetrax.  .....


like all other plug-in cards of the MBB 5000 series instrumentation system, the PT100 card features also the principle to check the wiring from the box to the position where the PT100 has ben applied at the helicopter with two buttons. Only a DMM was needed.

setup of the card is done by calculating three substitution resistors which represents the upper and lower end of the measurement to be of interest. 

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